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The ManiGuard Team


ManiGuard was created by a beauty enthusiast who wanted to help serve a mess free, at home manicure! Our unique, latex free, medical grade adhesive is great for those with allergies and delicate skin. ManiGuard currently comes in 3 colorful options, in 10 popular nail sizes, and enough guards to complete 2 manicures! Getting beautified should be accessible to everyone. We made sure to make ManiGuard more fun than messy!

Patent Pending


Finally, a solution for "At Home Mani's Without the Mess!"

ManiGuard stemmed from the intention of not only serving and helping others, but to share a common experience of beauty. The Beauty Contributor believes the journey of self-discovery is what defines beauty and that beauty is not just for those in magazines. As a former model, she embraced not only the expression of beauty, but the source of beauty itself. And she found, the true definition of beauty, was a journey each one had to take on their own. True beauty, is Beauty Self-Defined. We hope you can create and express your journey with us! #contributebeauty #maniguard

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