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The ManiGuard Team


ManiGuard was created by a beauty enthusiast who wanted to help serve a mess free, at home manicure! Our unique, latex free, medical grade adhesive is great for those with allergies and delicate skin. ManiGuard currently comes in 3 colorful options, in 10 popular nail sizes, and enough guards to complete 2 manicures! Getting beautified should be accessible to everyone. We made sure to make ManiGuard more fun than messy!

Patent Pending


Who can use Maniguard?

Everyone!! It was very important to find a medical grade, latex free, and toxic free material for those with allergies and delicate skin. We researched thoroughly to provide the 10 most common nail sizes. We hope you share Maniguard with friends and families. We were inspired with the idea of possibly seeing a granddaughter painting her grandmother's nails. 

Basic Directions for use:

Maniguard best performs when used on dry and clean, nails and skin. Do not apply any oil or lotion prior to using Maniguard.

Choose a guard that appears to fit around your nail, and slowly peel off a petal. Firmly apply around your skin and around the nail either as a U shape or around the top of the nail, whichever fits best. Make sure there are no spaces between the nail and skin. 

Maniguard can be cut in half or in thirds for endless nail art opportunities! Share your art by using #maniguard!

When nails have thoroughly dried, slowly grab a petal and peel off the guard! We also love using tweezers!

Does Maniguard come in more sizes?

We are a firm believer in listening to our customers. We are inspired to always be better and do greater with your feedback. Please email us at with any input you feel we could use for the near future!

Will Maniguard come in more colors?

The future is bright and colorful!

Why is Maniguard stretchy and sticky? 

Maniguard was not sourced frivolously nor quickly. We intentionally sourced a medical grade material that serves high quality function, just as a band-aid would. Medical grade adhesive is manufactured on special paper to keep the quality from diminishing. The stick and stretch was the best we discovered that could help provide a quality at home manicure experience! We hope you appreciate the quality and love that was put into the creative process.

Where is Maniguard made?

Right here, in the beautiful USA.

ManiGuard™ is Patent Pending

Warnings: Due to the natural elements of our high grade yet strong and sensitive material, please be mindful when handling the Maniguard sheets. Maniguard is made with quality medical grade adhesive, and can sometimes stick to one another if not handled properly. Do not apply Maniguard on injured skin. Keep away from heat and humidity. 

Please share your manis with love. #maniguard